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First Run Post Summer Break

I went for my first run since my early summer break today. I have been very poor with my running since leaving university and never gotten into a consistent training routine. The only thing I have been consistent with is that I take a break from running from some point in May till at least July1.

The reason for this break is not because of a holiday or the weather but because of hayfever. Any time I do attempt to run during the hayfever season, I usually regret it. The exercise outside encourages me to breath large quantities of pollen into my body and the sweat lets more pollen stick to my skin. I usually don’t notice while I am running, though I might get some itchy legs during the run. However once I stop, it usually hits me within a minute or two.

My nose chokes up and starts streaming, my eyes go read and become very itchy. I usually make this mistake once each year before remembering why I stopped the previous years. Unfortunately I am not disciplined enough to get back to the running again as soon as the hayfever season is over.

I miss running, I miss being able to run up to 13 miles without any specific training. I liked being able to do 10km in less than 40 minutes and the drained feeling you get after a challenging run where you know you really pushed yourself. I don’t really miss the races as such. To be honest, I usually find races themselves quite boring. I miss running with friends and rather than the simple races, I miss the challenges such as the Seven Hills of Edinburgh race and challenge.

I am not sure I could complete something like the Seven-Hills today. But I know that if I want to be able to, I need to get back to running regularly and consistently putting the training sessions in.

I know this, but then I have known for the last nine years and I still haven't managed to be consistent yet.

  1. Though in many years this break can last much longer
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