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Doing Nothing is Tiring

Today we spent the day doing nothing. At least nothing I would consider answering "what did you do at the weekend?" with. We did make it as far as Tesco, but that was the only excursion.

It was partially nice to spend time as a family together rather than galavanting off to some attraction, a full day excursion to visit friends, family, or IKEA or hosting many people at our own BBQ picnic. It was also partly because we were all a little tired and could do with a rest.

The thing is that spending time together is still tiring even when just hanging around the house. We did spend some time watching TV (I introduced the older child to Wallace and Gromit) and playing on the computer (also introduced him to Minecraft), we did try to minimise screen time.

So we played some old favourites, stepping stones (aka, the floor is lava) and hide and seek. I am looking forward to bed tonight but have no idea what we will do tomorrow.

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