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Mystic Aquarium

Today we took a trip to the Mystic Aquarium because it was featured in a book we have been reading at bedtime and we thought it would be good to actually visit the place.

We decided to go today because we thought it would be raining all day and that the aquarium would be mainly indoors. Turns out we were wrong on both accounts.

The park was very quiet because we went mid week and the kids have gone back to school. This also ment that the park had lots of deals making the ridiculous cost of entry not quite so bad.

The park was much smaller than I was expecting but still had enough to keep the 3 year old happy. I did feel a bit uneasy with the size of the enclosures. It feels odd to gawk at the creatures, prod them in the shallow "meet the XYZ" tanks.

The staff make a big deal about how they rescue the creatures and help with conservation. A part of me is skeptical and cynically wonders how much of that is a convenient excuse.

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