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A Short Message to Your Leader

When filling in a Google survey, I was asked, if I could send a short message to my countries leaders, what would I say?

I hadn't given this question any thought before and (as it was a quick survey) I just gave a quick answer:

Don't be evil

After writing it, I noticed the connection with who was asking the question and decided it was a "good enough" answer.

But as the day went on, I noticed that that answer would be a complete waste of an opportunity. The bad guys always think that they are the heros if a different movie. Generally speaking, most people don't think that what they are doing is evil, they think that they are doing the right thing. The only difference is that they disagree with what the right thing is.

So what should you say to your leader if you get the chance?

I think that it is a good question and requires more thought.

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