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You don't live once

You have probably heard the quip

You only live once

It is usually used as an excuse to justify doing something that is unwise.

On a podcast today, I heard a brilliant response:

No. You only die once. You live every day.

A Little Less Stupid

In a podcast that I have just listed to, someone said:

Take every opportunity to be a little less stupid.

I love the phrase. It is a brilliant motto. Be mindful each day to find out what you don't know, and do something about it. Keep searching for more things …

Contribution and Effect

Most folk are aware of the concept of cause and effect. Something happens that then leads to something else happening. I throw a ball across the room (cause), something gets broken when it is hit by the ball (effect). While there are many cases that a simple cause and effect …

Caring Too Much

Back in 2013, I was the lead operations engineer for a shutdown event. It was not a full unit turnaround, however it did involve replacing the unit's reactors, which had been in operation since the unit was first built nearly 50 years ago, with new ones. On top of that …

Thanks to The Practical Stoic Podcast

I would like to thank Simon Drew, for producing The Practical Stoic Podcast. Simon has been producing three episodes a week and has over 200 episodes now. He makes a very clear and patient presentation of many aspects of modern stoicism including lots of advice.

If you are curious about …

Another Thrilling Chapter

As mentioned previously, I am taking part in an SMRT1 course. One of the discussions was around being more mindful of each moment and in particular how we are reacting to various situations.

One course participant mentioned that they are always thinking of getting the current (unpleasant) experience over …

Recommendation: SMRT

Stoic and Mindfulness Resilience Training (SMRT) is a free online course organised by the Modern Stoicism team. It combines the ancient philosophy of Stoicism with practices from modern psychotherapy. I found it very useful last year and have signed up again this year.

A Short Message to Your Leader Part 2

Monday's post, posted the question, if I could send a short message to my countries leaders, what would I say?

I have already stated that a simple "Don't be evil" is a wasted opportunity. Similarly I don't want to waste the opportunity by writing abuse (though there is a part …

A Short Message to Your Leader

When filling in a Google survey, I was asked, if I could send a short message to my countries leaders, what would I say?

I hadn't given this question any thought before and (as it was a quick survey) I just gave a quick answer:

Don't be evil

After writing …

What is Drama?

That is when people worry about each other instead of what they are doing.

That was a quote from Sunday Stoic episode 71 (2018-07-08).

I had never thought of it that way before.

Thanks to Mary Miller and the Sunday Stoic.