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Getting Technologically Old

For many years, I have wondered about the process of getting old and watching technology progress and being unable to keep up. As someone who has always loved and been interested in technology, I found it difficult to believe that I will, one day, be unable to keep up and just give up trying to use the new technology. Yet I also understood that it is highly likely to happen anyway.

Last week I noticed that it might have already happened.

When chatting with people online, I always use the old style smilies such as :) or :( to explain how I feel. I never use an emoji like 😀 or 😕. It is not that I can't or don't know how to use them, it is just that I am continuing to use what I am used to.

Perhaps part of me is trying to keep to using basic ASCII characters but I also know that most systems can handle Unicode. And those that can't need to be fixed.

So perhaps this is how it starts. I am not looking forward to the online service that will require that I include an emoji in my password.

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