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Picking Pumpkins

Today we went to a farm for pumpkin picking. I had envisioned going into a field where the pumpkins were being grown and picking them fresh from the stock. Of course this wouldn't have worked with the number of participants.

Instead you picked your pumpkin from a whole field of pumpkins that were sitting on the ground. I think they have 3 sessions a day, every weekend this month (though I have not checked) so the ability to dump more pumpkins onto the ground would be useful.

Beyond picking up a pumpkin or two, there was some catering services (burger/coffee vans etc) and a few other activities which mostly involved walking through more mud. They also had a "quad pod" for the kids to ride in. A quad pod is a series of pods made out of old barrels that the kids sit in and get pulled around the field by a quad bike.

I think the kids had lots of fun, but I just felt like an autumn Grinch. I think I just disliked the artificial nature of the whole event and feeling like we were just being processed.

Perhaps I am not an autumn Grinch but just a hipster. I don't know which is worse.

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