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Lunchtime Yoga

To weeks tomorrow I attended my first lunchtime yoga session. The sessions were have been hosted at work during Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few years now but I only considered joining in at the end of last year1. I decided to join in mostly because after doing the circuits classes on a Tuesday morning, I find I am very stiff over the next few days despite stretching off immediately afterwards. I also find I am in various degrees of pain after going for a run and so some extra stretching, I hope, will reduce the pain.

In the past two weeks I have learnt:

  • My flexibility is as bad as I suspected.
  • My balance is much worse than I thought it was.
  • My body creaks and cracks more than I thought it did.

In terms of flexibility, I knew I wasn’t that flexible. I don’t know how much is down to my general body, how much is down to my lack of stretching and how much is the number of kilometers cycled and ran over the years but I do know I have a lot of room for improvement.

The balance aspect surprised me. I had thought I wasn’t that bad at balancing because I cycle lots and had previously done kayaking2. It turns out that I may be ok at ‘dynamic balancing’ when you get to move to compensate, but ‘static balancing’ where you are supposed to stay still is a different game altogether.

The last part about my body creaking and cracking. This is not so much about me moving in ways to cause it to get damaged, but just that I am more aware of my body. I suspect that I was doing a lot of creaking and cracking in everyday life before, but I was not paying attention to it.

Due to a training course I am taking part in, I may not be able to attend tomorrow's session and I am much more disappointed than I thought I would be. I will do my best to attend the lunchtime session tomorrow, but if I am unable to make it, I suppose I could always try to do a session at home in the evening. I am sure the boys will have great fun watching and ‘helping’ me.

  1. For the record, this is NOT a new year’s resolution, I would have happily started at the start of December but that didn’t tie in with the blocks of sessions so I had to wait till the new year to start.
  2. Using the racing kayaks that are ridiculously wobbly.
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