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Jack of All Trades

After posting yesterday's post, I thought further about it and though I don't need to know much more about electricity, I do know more and want to learn more. I like learning, particularly about different subjects.

My background as a chemical engineer has given me a good understanding for what is happening in the process equipment. This is useful in my current role as a process control engineer, but as a control engineer, I need to know about other subjects. I need to understand how the instruments that measure the process work, because you can't always believe what the control system say. I have also had to learn more about IT and network systems, in reference to the layout of the Process Control Network. I could probably get away without much learning much about these other subjects, but it makes my job easier to know them. I generally don't like working on something that I don't understand.

Beyond the needs of my job, I like to understand what else is going on. As a result I tend to learn a little bit about lots of subjects, but at the expense of not becoming truly educated in any particular field. There is always more about a subject to learn but I am naturally more interested in learning a new subject.

There is a Risk of becoming a jack of all trades but master of none 1 Lucky I also like to answer people's questions, so if someone asks me something I don't know, I will put the effort in to learn enough to answer the question and usually a bit more while I am at it.

So bring on the questions.

  1. I do at least have a master's degree in chemical engineering.
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