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Review: Banana Print

As part of my website rebranding, I decided to get some new business cards.

Previously I have used vista print but this time they just annoyed me with hidden shipping charges and lots of "offers" that meant that I couldn't tell if I was genuinely getting their best deal.

They weren't the only ones, most of the companies I looked at had similar issues, some wouldn't even tell you the shipping cost till after you had designed the cards and given them all your information.

Banana-Print on the other hand have a flat shipping rate of £4.95, which is shown on the front page. With flat rate shipping, small orders like mine of only 100 cards will be less competitive because 50% of the total cost goes to shipping, yet they still beat the other companies I looked at. Ordering bigger batches with fixed shipping is just going to be better value.

The cards were printed and dispatched very quickly, I had the finished product in my hand less than 48 hours after ordering. The quality of the cards was also excellent and they feel very professional.

I highly recommend using them.

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