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I Reverted to Student Life for the Weekend

Considering that the next disastrous dinners is on Wednesday, and that I am presenting it, I thought that I had better start to prepare my talk this weekend. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to cover and say, but i also was aware that my knowledge on the subject was limited to some a few ternary sources. To rectify this, I have spent a significant part of the weekend reading the Fennel Report, the official investigation into the fire.

My wife commented that I seemed to be treating it like a university project, read up on a topic and create a 20 minute summary. That wasn’t what I was intending to do, though it is not far off the same effect. My intent of reading the report was to ensure that I was reasonably knowledgeable about the event, including parts I do not intend to cover in my talk. I also want to be sure that any facts or quotes make come from as reliable source as I can obtain.

So any opportunity I could get, I hid myself in my bedroom and powered on reading the report and taking notes. The other aspect of student life I got to relive this weekend was the nap.

I got up with one of the kids just after 6am and felt fine, but by 9am I was shattered and had a headache. My lovely wife agreed to look after both kids for a period and I went for a lie down. I think I fell asleep almost immediately and slept for just under an hour. It is not something I can usually do (sleeping during the day) but in this case my body definitely needed it.

Alas my weekend of student life is over, back to the office tomorrow where naps are frowned upon. But at least the good coffee is free.

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