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Out of the Loop

I am currently feeling very out of the loop. This is partly because I have spent the last 2 weeks on nightshift, which completely disrupted my normal routines and interactions. But the other reason is that my feed reader broke, the tool I use to keep tabs on updates from many different websites. I have been relying on my feed reader for many years now, but I hadn't realised how reliant I had become until it no longer worked.

I am no longer active on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, so those ways of receiving news no longer work. I haven't reliably watched TV news since I stopped living with my parents. I don't read physical newspapers, and although I used to obsessively refresh a couple of their websites throughout the day, I managed to wean myself off that as well.

These days I get most of my news from the daily summaries produced by a couple of sites. And when my feed reader broke, I stopped getting these articles delivered to my device. There was nothing stopping me visiting the news sites to look for myself, but I wasn't in the habit of doing so, didn't have much spare time and ultimately wasn't bothered enough to do so.

I think my feed reader is back to mostly working though I suspect that a few feeds are still missing. I am both looking forward to keeping up to date, and yet less worried about it. Did I actually miss out on that much?

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