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Teaching Others

One thing I noticed during the regen was that I always ended up in a better mood after I had a teaching session. Anytime someone asked me about the process, I couldn't help myself and would launch into a lecture about it. I really do enjoy the opportunity to pass on what knowledge I have gained.

Unfortunately enjoying something doesn't necessarily mean that I am any good at it. I am not sure what the best way is to find out. And if I am not, I am not sure how easy it would be to improve. I tend to dive in, not really mindful of what I am doing, so changing what I say may be difficult.

I suppose it is a bit like when I give a presentation. Except I really enjoy when it is one-to-one, but get nervous when it is a room. I am now curious what number it changes. Would I be fine with a small group of five others? Or do I get nervous anytime I am talking to more than one person?

I hope to have more opportunities for experimentation.

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