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Hat’s a Relief

Last Friday, I somehow managed to leave my hat at work. I didn’t notice that it was missing until leaving the house on Saturday morning, when I walked outside and noticed I wasn’t wearing it. Generally speaking, I wear my hat most of the time when outside, so the gentle wind on my hair was instantly noticeable and felt wrong.

It felt so wrong in fact that I couldn’t believe that I had left it. Surely I would have noticed when I left the office and gotten into the car. Even if I didn’t notice then, I would have noticed when I got out the car at the house. As a result, I was convinced that the hat must have been in the house. I was convinced until I had had a good look and still couldn’t find it.

Luckily it was sitting on my desk waiting for me when I arrived this morning. And looking at the sun outside the window as I am about to leave, I am glad I will have it for the drive home.

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