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After yesterday's post, I remembered about a time when working in Newark. I was living on my own in a flat, and had no car at the time.

As a result, any time I was outside, I would have a helmet on. I had no garden to spend time in at home. Any time I was traveling, it was on my bike, and I would have my bike helmet on. Even at work, you had to have your hard hat on anytime you were within the factory fence and not in an office or control room.

I would get to the gatehouse and swap my bike helmet for my hard hat. I spent months where I always had a hard hat on when outside.

Then on day I would not have to wear one. Perhaps I was traveling by car to another factory, oron a rare occasion I may have met up with someone in town. It felt so wrong to be walking outside without a hard hat on.

Of course after I got my first car, that feeling vanished quickly. It is amazing the number of trips that, previously would have been done by bike, instead get done by car when the car is available.

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