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One Job, Multiple Professions

One of the things I like about my job is that I get to cover tasks that could be considered multiple different professions.

For example, today I was in a meeting discussing how to implement an upcoming project. We were particularly interested in how to upgrade the various parts of the control system, what the best order to do them in is and what the knock on effects of the process will be. Typical control systems engineering stuff.

After the meeting, I continued to work on a web app I have been building. This will be a tool to convert data from the planning team into a format that the control system can understand. It is a simple tool, but has still meant I have been scratching my head for a while trying to get my javascript and server code to talk nicely together.

While I was deep in thought about my website problem, I was approached by one of the process engineers looking for som advice about the unit I used to look after. One of the products was off spec and the unit was not in its normal position. With a low throughput and bits of equipment out of service there was limited options available. We discussed the various limitations and options available and the other process engineer left with a couple of other ideas to investigate further.

So I effectively spent some time doing three completely different roles or professions. Sometimes I think that I ought to specialise more and focus on becoming really good in one area, but I love the variety. I guess I am just a Jack of all Trades.

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