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Following Your Own Rules

Usually, I prefer to commute by bike. On days that the boys are in nursery, I will cycle for about half an hour after work to get to the nursery, then cycle for another half hour home towing a trailer carrying the kids.

Usually I don't mind the weather too much. Yes it can look horrible, but once you get going, you get used to it and just get on with it. Though there have been a few times when it got pretty nasty and I felt that I had made the wrong decision. As a result, I now have a "no weather warnings" rule:

If there is a weather warning in effect, 8 take the car rather than the bike1.

Today a weather warning was in effect for the west of the country, the areas to the north and the south of us were definitely in it, but our town was in the middle of an inlet. The warning curved right around us, and we were right in the edge of it. I decided not to take the chance and took the car.

It was definitely the right choice. The wind was strong enough and the rain made visibility pretty poor. I am glad that I wasn't out in it with the boys in the trailer.

Rules are supposed to help make decisions easier. Unfortunately, sometimes we still have to use our own judgement about when they apply.

  1. Assuming it is not really bad in which case we don't travel at all
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