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The Other Central Park

One of the TV shows that the kids like to watch visits landmarks around the world. One of the episodes was based on Central Park, in New York.

"We've been there" I said, "do you remember?"

Of course I knew he wouldn't remember, he was just under a year old when we went.

"Not that one" he said, "a different one. With lots of cars and shops".

Now I am really struggling to work out what he is talking about. I mean, what park has lots of cars and shops in it? The conversation moved on a bit more as I tried to work out what he was talking about. Eventually he told me that we had been there this morning.

Huh? The only place we went today was...

Then I worked it out. In the morning we we at the Central Retail Park in Falkirk.

I suppose it is still a central park, just not the type of park I had been thinking of.

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