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New Code Project

I have just started a new coding project and I am in one of the worst phases. Before starting, I was full of ideas and enthusiasm. I could envision the finished product. I could imagine all the extra bells and whistles that could get added.

And then I started to write some code.

At this point I actually have to put in some effort. And, to start with at least, there is very little feedback. It can take a long time to get from an idea to something that even looks like a proof of concept. And longer still to get that proof of concept to work.

Once the proof of concept is working, things get better. You have something to show off. Incremental improvements immediately add to the project and make you feel better. This is the period when you can fully dive into the project for hours at a time, completely focused on making improvements.

Until then though, the long slog continues. The initial enthusiasm starts to fade when the full scale of the task is realised. All the individual components that need to be built. All the problems that still need to be solved. All the ways things could go wrong. And nothing yet to show for all the work done so far.

It is really tempting to give up at this point. But I know that once I have my first proof of concept, things will be easier. I just need to keep at it.

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