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Enforced Breaks

Tags: Work

I spent most of today working on a remote computer. I have spent many days working on this remote computer, usually without issue. Today that was not the case. Every so often the connection would drop. Sometimes for 30 seconds. Sometimes for 5 minutes.

Each time the connection dropped, I was forced to stop what I was doing and take a break. Once the connection was re-established, I was able to continue from exactly where I let off. If I was half way through typing a word into a dialogue box, the box would be waiting for me with half the word still sitting there.

Unfortunately my brain does not re-establish itself as easily as the connections. The dropouts happened when I was in a deep focus and felt like I was making progress with the problem I was trying to fix.

Usually taking a break is a good thing that I look forward to, but today I cursed every one of them.

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