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It Wasn't All Bad

I am noticing lots of people complaining about the state of the world, good riddance to 2019, hopefully the next year will be better. I fear that we are too quick to dismiss the progress that has been made. This could be progress on a personal level, as a society or globally. There will be areas that we have improved upon within the last year and over the last decade. If we purely focus on the things that are still bad or those areas that have gotten worse, we could give up hope of improving anything, even though we have already improved in many areas. We risk giving up on the exact actions that have improved things.

The areas that have improved are less well publicised. We remember our faults and mistakes more than our successes. The news and social media streams will focus on the sensational attention grabbing stories and we will miss the subtle improvements. We need to put more effort into finding these areas. Then we must make sure we continue to do what has been working, possibly increasing our efforts in these areas.

As stated earlier, things can be both bad and better than before. This new year, I am not committing to any major goals or resolutions. Instead I want to focus on what has worked well or improved over the last year. Then continue to improve in these areas. One minor improvement at a time.

Happy New Year everyone.

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