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My Problem with My Ring

I have a problem with my wedding ring. No I haven’t lost it. I do like wearing it. My problem is that my fingers are not always the same size. I think this is true for most people, though most people just find that their rings get very tight and difficult to remove.

I find I have the opposite problem. During the summer, my ring fits me fine, not too tight, just right. But in the winter, my fingers shrink. I then have problems when I am working quickly with my hands. This could be when putting toys back in the toy box, or packing groceries into a bag at the shops. As I am waving my hands around, clenching and unclenching my fist, the ring occasionally works itself loose and makes a bid for freedom. Usually I can catch it before it leaves my hand. Occasionally it does break free, though I have so far managed to find it without any trouble.

When I was at EMF I mentioned it to a goldsmith who offered to resize the ring. I pointed out that it fits fine during the summer months. “Ahh yes” he said, “there is a solution to that, though it is very expensive. It would cost about twice as much as a normal ring”.

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