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My Problem with My Ring

I have a problem with my wedding ring. No I haven’t lost it. I do like wearing it. My problem is that my fingers are not always the same size. I think this is true for most people, though most people just find that their rings get very tight …

EMF Day 3

Today was the last day of EMF 2018. The events and parties will continue on late into tonight and people are welcome to camp the last night but there will be fed facilities tomorrow morning.

We decided to leave early, packed up today and are spending the night in a …

EMF Day 2

I realize that I have mentioned EMF a number of times now but not really explained what I am referring to. EMF or Electro Magnetic Field is a festival held every two years, where people do fun things with technology in a field.

There is fast internet and WiFi across …

EMF Day 1

We arrived at EMF1 and set up camp just in time to make the opening ceremony. Well, we were 5 mins late but the opening ceremony was 15 mins late. Unfortunately our 3 year old didn't want to sit in the marquee long enough, so we headed out.

I …

The Trip to EMF

Warning This post is just be a typical rant from a dad having spent the day on the road. TLDR: road trips with kids are a pain.

So today we have driven from central Scotland to Droitwich, just North of Worcester.

As we were just getting started I found that …

The problem with the EMF Camp Schedule

This time next week, me and by family will be at EMF Camp in Guildford.

I have been having a quick look ahead at schedule. There are lots of interesting talks and workshops that I want to see and I am really looking forward to the event.

My only problem …