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Interesting Times

To say that this week was interesting would be an understatement. I had started the week worrying about overpaying for some Perspex for the windows of my shed. I had replaced two panes a few years ago. Between then and now, the price had more than doubled. I wonder what could have caused the price of Perspex to rocket recently...

Now I look back and it seems so small. Since them we have had a great big thunderstorm. Watched a house get set alight by lightning. Seen lots of local flooding. The canal has burst its banks.

Then as everything is getting back to normal, we lost internet for a day. Normally the loss of internet or the overpaying for the Perspex would have bothered me a lot. But having seen the house going up in flames so quickly, I am thankful that these were merely inconveniences.

One thing for sure, my eldest son starting school will not be the only thing I remember from this week.

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