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CUW (part 2)

It appears that 5/7ths of Pollock (yes I did the math it is accurate) moved in on Saturday so there were very few people to move in today. This made for a long and relaxed day. I spent the morning chatting in front of lee and the afternoon sunning myself round the back of chancellors in the afternoon. Hay if they want to pay me double time to sun myself I am not going to complain. Though it was possibly getting a little boring towards the end.

If anyone has friends/siblings coming to Edinburgh in future years I suggest they arrive early on Saturday morning (before 9) late on Saturday (after 6) or just wait till Sunday, the porters/security are a lot more relaxed and don’t care how long you stay)

I recon I have some spare cash (amazing what happens when you work ALL summer including freshers week) and I am tempted to use it to buy a laptop. I don’t know if it would actually be useful and make my life easier or if it would just be an expensive toy. This is a big decision yet I fear I will buy one on impulse online without looking elsewhere

/me hides his wallet from himself till morning

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