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Punching Moving Heads and Other Non-exiting Stuff

Last night I ended up in why not. I can think of a number of reasons why not to go to why not but I was celebrating a friend’s birthday so I went along with it anyway. There was 5 of us, 3 girls/2 guys. The other guy being the birthday girl’s boyfriend. As a result I felt awkward. Felt mostly like a girls night out that I had crashed. When I did eventually relax and dance properly, raising my arms in the air, my fist made contact with one of the moving heads. Half of me was shocked that I could have caused damage to such a thing the other half was just screaming in pain. The night wasn’t so bad really; I just tend to enjoy spontaneous parties to planed ones

Today was nice and relaxing. I had nothing to do except head to the shops at some point. I have created a 3D model of my flat using Google scetchup and though there is a lot still to do it is looking pretty good so far. I went in to bedlam to sort out when I would be trying to convince freashers to join the theatre (and possibly see the world). While there I decided that I would watch Aeneas Faversham. This time (sitting in the audience) I did not have to worry about keeping up with the act as they went off at tangents to the script I had been given. I was surprised to see that bedlams old curtains (that were replaced before fringe) have a use. Halfway through the show I noticed that the backdrop was had a hole in it then noticed that it was the same colour as the curtains.

Met Nick. Whilst the invite to the walk in the Pentlands still stands, he has warned me that it is meant to be a leisurely walk and that I am not to try and race everyone, it would just annoy a lot of people. It appears I am good at that.

Plan for tomorrow includes meeting DOS, convincing freashers to join bedlam, possibly dropping in on the sports fair to see how the running club and the flag chasers are doing; then helping turn pleasance courtyard into a big cinema for film soc.

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