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Timetable, Orange Juice and Cheese Lovers

Went to see DOS, rather surprised by my timetable, only one 9 o’clock in the week (Wednesday it is a tutorial, the whole of Wednesday is tutorials). All other days are 10 o’clocks and only 2 afternoons (Monday and Friday) apparently no labs to fill the other afternoons or spend writing them up. I fear I am being lulled into a false sense of security and that either the timetable is wrong or the workload is just going to be immense. Well I’ll find out soon enough. I appear to have drunk a carton of orange juice within 12 hours. My reasoning is that although I don’t remember finishing it, I have just gone to have a drink and I can’t find it. There is no one else in the flat so logic tells me I must have finished it. I think I am drinking a little too much orange juice

/me wonders if the is such a thing as vitamin c poisoning

I had fun helping filmsoc setup for their open air showing of Wallace and Gromit. They gave me a free membership for my help. It was very nice of them. I have come to the conclusion I enjoy get-ins and get-outs more than the shows themselves. I think I should go to bed now for I have work tomorrow.

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