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Beyond the point of tiredness

This weekend I found out what happens when every nerve in my body is telling you to go to sleep yet force myself to keep dancing.

When leaving at 6:30 in the morning I should probably have gone to bed early and set my alarm. instead I went to imps, doctors, Teviot then Xander's where we played with smoke and lasers. at 5:30 I left to quickly head home, pack bag, eat then return to Appleton tower. by this point my body is already screaming out for sleep yet my body doesn't find itself able to fall into proper sleep on the coach. instead I just feel really tired and start dreaming whenever I closed my eyes yet still having to concentrate on the pain in my legs that weren't comfortable and my head banging off the window. the odd thing was that whenever I did dream it was about something tech related, changing a lamp, fixing the focus mechanism of a lantern, putting up a ladder etc.

when we reached Manchester we walked round the course then after a lot of confusion, the race started and I ran my 2 miles (halfway across the country to run 2 miles round playing fields!) For some reason I started of slow then halfway round remembered how to run and overtook lots of people (almost continuously) in the second half. Was expecting the opposite to happen.

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