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EMF Day 1

We arrived at EMF1 and set up camp just in time to make the opening ceremony. Well, we were 5 mins late but the opening ceremony was 15 mins late. Unfortunately our 3 year old didn't want to sit in the marquee long enough, so we headed out.

I did manage one workshop, using air quality sensors, though they had enough technical issues themselves. I didn't learn a lot from the workshop but did get a few IOT tools and protocols.

A few observations about EMF:

  • There are lots of Tilly hats around.
  • There are lots of kilts2 being worn.
  • The weather has (so far) been the same as last time3

We have all been finding the heat and exhaustion has made us all irritable. I think one of the things that has been bothering me is that I have been 'just' a regular punter. When I see events like this, I like being one of the folk that is helping organise and setup the event. I feel like I am missing out or slacking by just turning up and consuming the experience.


  1. Eventually after the sat bags decided to send us down a load of back roads
  2. Or things that look like kilts but also have pockets
  3. ridiculously hot
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