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The Trip to EMF

Warning This post is just be a typical rant from a dad having spent the day on the road. TLDR: road trips with kids are a pain.

So today we have driven from central Scotland to Droitwich, just North of Worcester.

As we were just getting started I found that my phone has decided to refuse to talk to the cars Bluetooth again. Last time Google broke it, it took over a year to get it fixed. So stuck with the radio or listening to things on the smartphone speakers.

We decided to leave just after 9am to allow the rush hour traffic to get out of the way. Google maps predicted a 5 hour 15 minutes travel time.

I had hoped that leaving a generous 2 hours 45 minutes for breaks and traffic would have ment arriving just before 5pm and the evening rush hour. Unfortunately our oldest child has worked out that if he says that he needs the toilet, it effectively overrules everything else and forces us to stop. He hasn't worked out that it just makes the rest of the journey last longer.

At least there was virtually no traffic or roadworks slowing us down. Well none until around Liverpool, long enough to trick us into a false sense of security, then they all lined up with lots of long stretches of 50mph. With the extra breaks, we ended up arriving at a the outskirts of Birmingham at spot on 5pm, so we hit the busiest stretch at one of the busiest times of the day. As a bonus there was roadworks on the start of the M5, leading to around 20 minutes of stop start fun.

We arrived just after 6pm, the kids normal bedtime, but still had to get dinner. Of course the harvester restraunt had an extra delay before we could get a table so both kids are over tired.

It has been a fun day. I am glad we don't have to put up a tent tonight. Hotel tonight then short drive to EMF tomorrow.

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