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The Plan

Plan - cycle to work
Then cycle the kids back home
But.. not in that storm

Cold Mornings

The mornings are cold
So I cycle with my coat
And melt going home

My Little Monkey

My little monkey
I see you can climb well but,
Please don't climb up there.

Sleep Tight Little One

Rocking in this chair
Close your eyes and cuddle in
Sleep tight little one

Going on an Adventure

Journey on the train
Adventure to Newcastle
To watch the rugby

Connection Error

How hard can it be
To do your job and connect?
”Very” says bluetooth

I Took a Rest Day

I took a rest day
For recovery not play
That was yesterday

What about today
Returning without delay
For a slow Friday

Party Time

A birthday party
Running and shouting all day
Lots of fun and play

Christmas Day

Watching the kids play
Excited and shouting 'yay'
On this Christmas day

Happy Birthday Little One

I just want to say
To my young bundle of joy
Happy first birthday

Morning Bell

Swing a kettle bell
Early in the fitness suite
While sweating like hell.

The Day After the Gym

My legs are in pain
After I went to the gym
I must be insane

A Bit of a Cheat

What is this short post?
Surely this must be a cheat.
Yes, but I don't care.


Today we did rest
Spent time as a family
It was for the best

The Magic of a Nap

Sometimes things seem bad1
Today was one of those days
All was good post nap.

  1. feel free to substitute a similar word that ryhmes with nap