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I Took a Rest Day

I took a rest day
For recovery not play
That was yesterday

What about today
Returning without delay
For a slow Friday

Party Time

A birthday party
Running and shouting all day
Lots of fun and play

Christmas Day

Watching the kids play
Excited and shouting 'yay'
On this Christmas day

Happy Birthday Little One

I just want to say
To my young bundle of joy
Happy first birthday

Morning Bell

Swing a kettle bell
Early in the fitness suite
While sweating like hell.

The Day After the Gym

My legs are in pain
After I went to the gym
I must be insane

A Bit of a Cheat

What is this short post?
Surely this must be a cheat.
Yes, but I don't care.


Today we did rest
Spent time as a family
It was for the best

The Magic of a Nap

Sometimes things seem bad1
Today was one of those days
All was good post nap.


  1. feel free to substitute a similar word that ryhmes with nap